Romanian regional seminar presents KTForce results

KTForce regional seminar was organized in partnership with INCDMTM UEFISCDI on August 28th, 2014 . The objectives of this seminar were to present and to disseminate  the  KTForce project results.


The seminar was moderated by Mr. Marius Mitroi, Head of Innovation Department at UEFISCDI. In his welcome address Mr. Mitroi presented the project and the KTForce team and he underlined that it is a bottom-up initiative for emerging innovation policy proposals.

During the seminar, the following speakers have made insightful contributions:

- Iulian Ilie (INCDMTM) presented  the general and specific objectives, the partners and the assessment methodology in the field of innovation practices and policies implemented by the project partners.

- Domnica Cotet (UEFISCDI), summarized the `Regional Implementation Plan developed for the Bucharest – Ilfov`, emphasizing on the innovation policy recommendations existing in this document.

- Victor Velter (UEFISCDI), presented the scientometric indicators relevant for  CDI, showing the importance of the journals’ indexation and of the articles impact factor as a scientometric indicator.

- Catalin Molagic (UEFISCDI), presented Eureka structure and reported the results of the economic effects one year after the project implementation, in terms of the revenues drawn from the results.

- Andreea Dobre (UEFISCDI), presented „Innovation Vouchers” and mentioned the timeframes, the budget and the impact of funded projects in relation to the program indicators: beneficiaries’ revenues obtained from the projects results, revenues obtained  from  the patents, revenues obtained from the commercialization of the products/ services after the projects and funding closure.


The second part of the seminar was open to free discussions regarding the topics presented.