Latest news from KTForce in Portugal

The Innovation Agency (AdI) and the University of Porto Innovation (UPIN), both partners of KTForce in Portugal, organised on 22nd of September, in Porto, the final regional workshop, which main goal was to discuss the last results obtained by the project, namely the policy recommendations resulting from the benchmarking carried out by the partners during the past months. Among the participants, Óscar Afonso, expert who supported the implementation of the methodology of the project, Carolina Guimarães from the North Regional Coordination and Development Commission and João Fernandes, director for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at AdI took part to the discussion.
The debate between the participants led to the mutual recognition of the importance of a constant evaluation of the policies in the countries or regions according to specific indicators and during the various phases of the implementation, so that it becomes possible to measure the outputs and results and consequently decide to maintain or deactivate any instruments. One of the policies shared by the one of the Irish partners, SEEP - New Frontiers Entrepreneur Development Programme, was pointed out as a good example to consider in Portugal because of its positive impact on spin-off creation and entrepreneurship in Ireland.
During the meeting, there was also time for presenting the latest KTForce publication: the Regional Implementation Plans booklet. The booklets, available in six different languages (English, French, German, Lithuanian, Portuguese and Romanian), reflect each partner region’s reality on knowledge and technology transfer practices and policies. The KTForce booklets (Methodology booklet and regional implementation plans booklets) are available for download here. You also can request your printed version contacting us via the website