ASTP Proton Fall Meeting


‘Working together, sharing experiences’ is the theme of the fall meeting, created ‘for members, with members‘.
Engage in meaningful and challenging conversations with your peers in tech transfer. We invite you to this interactive event full of learning and discussions.
The fall meeting will be held on 11-13 November 2015 in Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands.
A total of 108 participants from 84 institutions in 23 countries attended the previous fall meeting in Prague. As in last year’s very successful event, we have 4 parallel tracks this year. Track 1 consists of presentations given by experts. The other 3 tracks are workshops with an informal setting to enhance interaction. Be involved in this process of inquiry, discovery, investigation, and interpretation with your peers. At the end of the fall meeting, you have shared, learned and discussed possible solutions applicable to your daily practice.
There will be plenty of networking opportunities beyond the meeting rooms, both during our social events while enjoying the beautiful city of Amsterdam, and through the Knowledge Stock Exchange session with its scheduled face-to-face meetings, initiative sharing and information corner.
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