KTForce activities have been divided to assure a progressive and efficient approach of the issue addressed: the benchmarking and more efficient design of innovation policies and KT measures in Europe. The project activities will be divided among 3 components: Component 1 - Management and coordination, Component 2 - Communication and dissemination and Component 3 - Exchange of experience.


The Exchange of Experience component (Component 3) will be divided in 6 phases:

- Mapping of the KT practices and policies in each partner region: Innovation policies will be gathered from the European Inventory of Research and Innovation Policy Measures (EIRIPM) which was created by the EC to facilitate access to information on research and innovation policies within Europe and beyond.

- Assessment methodology to determine the best practices and policies identified: Categorization of individual variables in the policies into an inventory to select which ones directly impact KT.

- Analysis of needs for each region, with the definition of “Scenario 0: Where are we?” and 2 possible “future scenarios” to be reached in a mid-term.

- Normalization and analysis of the data to identify correlations between specific practices and results as well as the possible link to past and existing innovation policies.

- Definition of an implementation plan of selected practices and policies for each partner region.

- Compilation of the best practices and policies identified into an interactive database webtool the “Knowledge Transfer Platform”.

All these activities will be carried out by 2 groups: the Focus Group (FG) working on innovation policies and the Task Force Group (TFG), defined for each KT area tackled by the project, working at the operational level. The FG will guide and supervise the TFG activities so that a real connection between operation and political levels exists to build a common understanding on how the policies can reach efficient results by considering the operational activities of KTOs and vice-versa.


In parallel, Component 1-Coordination and Management will ensure the efficiency of the work carried out during the project thanks to the definition of a competent management structure. The Component 2 - Communication and Dissemination will ensure the effective and wide communication of the project activities and results to the public, giving an emphasis on the relevant stakeholders, namely policy makers and deciders, KT operational entities, the industry and the research community. The “KT Platform”, will be an important means to disseminate the project results.