Brief Summary

In 2008, several European entities decided to make a joint effort to contribute to a more collaborative and aligned environment, capable of harmonizing Knowledge Transfer (KT) mechanisms and fostering innovation at the European level. In the sequence, Knowledge Transfer was recognized by the European Union as a key tool for boosting innovation and competitiveness in Europe. In line with this, KTFORCE aims to benchmark both innovation policies and Knowledge Transfer practices in the partner regions, so that a set of strategic recommendations for future design of innovation policies and implementation of KT practices can be applied.

To achieve its objectives, KTFORCE will focus on 3 KT areas: Technology licensing; Spin-off creation & Entrepreneurship; University-Industry relations. In practice, a Focus Group (FG), gathering one representative of each partner, will be created and will work at the implementation level, guiding the 3 Task Force Groups (TFG) that, in turn, will operate on each KT area set in the project. Both Groups will meet regularly to discuss and exchange experience on KT practices and innovation policies, via the participation in study visits, workshops and joint thematic seminars.